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Berkemeier Consulting was founded in 1979 by Hubert Berkemeier.
In 1995 Ingo Berkemeier joined the team.

In our trainings we link scientific theory and business practice in a systematic way.
Berkemeier Consulting has been successfully involved in training and adult education for companies in more than 30 sectors worldwide.

Our analytical approach leads to customer-tailored training concepts. These are implemented by trainings on and off-the-job. In train-the-trainer seminars managers are given tools to carry-out the training continuously themselves.
The trainings are designed and implemented for customers in GERMAN, ENGLISH or SPANISH.

Often, during the training implementation, aspects of reshaping pop up, which concern the sales processes or the sales organization, sometimes even the strategy. In this case we provide advice to our customers to develop their business. This counts as much for companies with a history as for startups.

So far we have realized projects for clients in USA, Mexico, Brazil, France, Great Britain, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Russian Federation, China, Philippines, Thailand.

Strategy & Business development

In this wide environment we concentrate on the strategical development of your business with respect to customers, markets, and sales.

What we do:

- strategic and organizational analysis
- strategy development support

Sales & Purchasing

The art of negotiating is a talent and it can also be learned in a structured way. Newcomers and professionals should challenge their skills and behaviour continuously such as sportsmen do. This leads to constructive business solutions
with customers and suppliers.

What we do:

- analysis of the current situation
- training concept development
- trainings on and off-the-job
- train-the-trainer
- e-learning
- field training for new talents & new products

Startup Support

Marketing the invention by shaping the offer, making the first contacts to potential customers, suppliers, and investors.

What we do:

- helping in setting up the business to find
customers and suppliers
- market the invention
- fundraising and cash-flow improvement
- sales organization set-up

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